Prince Luxury Apartment

Frequently Asked Questions

Kado flat rate is for #150,000 or $200 per night
Maitama flat rate is for # 120,000 or $120 per night

No vandalizing of property
No pets

We operate on 24 hours power supply

Yes we provide that services for clients. Charges apply

Minimum of two nights/ maximum of one year

All apartments are situated in high secured estates

Yes you can. We have Standby janitors

No pets are not allowed

Yes, all apartments are in estates

Yes, payment upon arrival is acceptable

No payment refunds

Yes, should be clearly stated upon reservation

It is a three bedroom terrace

This instance, we have short-lets located in Abuja and Lagos

Yes they do. Facts remain we have return clients after each stay

Clients coming in for inspection is highly allowed. Sanitation is our forte and our apartment are quite recent